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Why start Metamora Growth Partners (MGP)?

“On the field in 10 minutes!” yelled Coach Dave at 4 AM. Camp Metamora was buried in the woods of central Michigan. No frills. Just horse flies and air horns. Here, my teammates and I would push our limits for the right to play on the varsity football team.

The next week was filled with five practices each day, starting with a session at 4 AM and the last session ending after 9 PM. The only way my teammates and I would survive Metamora was to lean on one another. Through sweat, blood, and tears, we banded together as one for a common goal – to be excellent, both in football and in life.

Just like our team at Camp Metamora, excellent businesses aren’t built overnight, and they rarely follow a straight line to greatness. MGP was founded to help businesses achieve excellence, no matter where we find them on the journey. When times get tough, we won’t quit. We’ll lock arms, lean on our teammates, and press on with excellence as our true north.

What sets MGP apart?

Prior to launching Metamora Growth Partners (MGP), I was blessed to have a career that spanned entrepreneurship, strategy consulting, operating, and private equity investing. I worked with some of the most talented people in the world and learned what excellence looks like from watching others. Today, I am taking those lessons and the gifts God has given me to launch MGP. Our vision is to build a family of businesses that:

  1. Delight customers with excellence consistently. Over time, we will become the number one choice vendor for customers in the markets we operate in. We will measure customer delight continually and always strive to deliver a better service today than we did yesterday.

  2. Empower employees by investing in their personal, professional, and community development so they can reach their full potential. As a leader, I serve at the pleasure of my team. My role is to invest in them so that they can deliver for our customers and one another. The results will flow from there.

  3. Create value for investors in MGP. We believe profit is a byproduct of excellence, not an end in itself. We are committed to building a holding company for the indefinite term. When we acquire companies, we don’t plan to fix & flip to sell in a few years. Instead, we will craft an indefinite holding strategy; one where we can grow the company to generate consistent returns over multiple decades without “needing” an exit. We build enterprise value compounders.

We at MGP are excited to start this journey and humble enough to know it will be a difficult one. We believe our winning formula of customer delight, empowered team members, and an indefinite compounding machine will separate us from the pack. Our companies will exemplify durable excellence – the ability to withstand whatever punch life may throw and get back up, ready to win the day!

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